Food Stamps (SNAP)

Everybody needs help from time to time.

We all experience tough times. And when we do, many of us are lucky enough to have parents, siblings, friends and neighbors who can help us through; and many of us have done that for others, giving of ourselves to help friends and neighbors in need.

For some, that support doesn’t always exist, so as a nation, we created a way to ensure no one in America has to be severely hungry and undernourished.

Maybe you lost a job, got sick, or need to care for your family. Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes.

In Missouri, this program is called SNAP, more commonly referred to as Food Stamps. Feeding Missouri’s SNAP Outreach program helps to connect Missourians interested in receiving food stamps with information, eligibility screenings and friendly, high-quality application assistance.

We all pay taxes and receive different types of benefits, like unemployment benefits, Social Security, or a mortgage interest deduction. The SNAP Program, otherwise know as The Food Stamp program, is a life-saving resource for Missourians who need get supplemental money to buy food until they can get back on their feet.

*SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program = Food Stamps

Do I qualify for food stamps?


In order to receive Food Stamps, you must:

  • Submit a SNAP application;
  • Complete a quick telephone interview with a case worker;
  • Meet basic eligibility rules and income limits.

If you meet the following guidelines, you may be eligible for Food Stamps:

  • You are a U.S. citizen or legal permanent residents of at least 5 years;
  • You are a Missouri resident;
  • You meet gross monthly income guidelines:


Household Size

(# in household)

Gross Monthly

Income ($)

Net Monthly

Income ($)

























Each Additional Member




You may qualify if your income and other resources are under certain limits.  New changes to the food stamp program have increased the maximum income limits, allowed a higher utility deduction, and have eliminated some assets from the calculation.  You can have a car, a house, and/or some savings and still be eligible.

If you are undocumented, and have children who are US citizens, you can apply for food stamps on their behalf.






Our representatives operate at various partner agencies throughout the state of Missouri, conducting community visits to food pantries and other local sites where they screen for eligibility, assist in completing SNAP applications, and provide education and resources about the application process.  Schedule a SNAP site visit, and we will evaluate your location to see if it meets our basic requirements.  We will bring our own laptops, information, and expertise.  Email for more information.

Questions about food stamps?

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