Feeding Missouri is a coalition of the six Missouri Food Banks working to provide hunger relief to every county (and St. Louis City) in the state.

Collectively, we distribute over 120 million pounds of food each year through a network of more than 1,500 community feeding programs.

It’s simple, Food Banks cannot feed hungry Missourians without your help.

Below, find three easy ways you can make a difference:


It takes a significant amount of resources to collect, store, and transport over 120 million pounds of food across the entire state. Missouri’s food banks rely heavily upon private support from individuals like you. A financial contribution to Feeding Missouri will have an impact on hungry people across the entire state. If you’d like to donate, see the form below.

Feeding Missouri is a 501(c)(3) organization.


We are a voice for the nearly 1 million Missourians who seek emergency food assistance every year. This assistance is delivered through the six Food Banks and a network of over 1,000 local agencies. The Food Banks are always looking for donations of time. Volunteeting is a great way to get involved in your community and have an impact on those around you. Volunteers are needed more than ever as the Food Banks respond to an increase in demand due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Click here to find your nearest Food Bank.


You can be an advocate by informing your neighbors, community leaders, and lawmakers of the prevalence of hunger in Missouri and how it impacts our state’s economy, productivity, and health. Be a voice for those who need the most help. Missouri’s food banks distributed over 120 million pounds of food last year. Much of that food is given by caring people like you. If you can donate food, click here to find your nearest Food Bank. Did you know we have an online tool available to help those seeking assistance? Find it here.


    Part of Feeding Missouri’s mission is to educate people on the issue of hunger in Missouri. 1 in 7 people and 1 in 6 children struggles with hunger in Missouri. Elected officials can have a huge impact on the response to hunger. It is on us to keep it on the forefront of their minds so together, we can stamp out hunger. Help us keep our elected officials and your community educated.

    You can contact your legislators through the General Assembly’s website.

    To find out more about how you can educate decision-makers, visit the Hunger Action Center.

    Donate Now: