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Missouri hunger facts

Map the Meal Gap (State and National food insecurity rates by county)

Feeding America compiled this study, which takes an unprecedented look at hunger at the local community level.  It includes statewide data for Missouri, as well as county-by-county data.

Missouri Hunger Atlas

The Missouri Hunger Atlas, compiled by the University of Missouri, assesses the extent of food insecurity in Missouri. It also begins to gauge how well public programs are doing in meeting the needs of those who have difficulty acquiring sufficient amounts and qualities of food.

Hunger in America – Missouri State Report (2010)

Hunger in America 2010 is the most comprehensive study of domestic hunger ever undertaken. The study was sponsored by Feeding America nationally and in Missouri by the food banks of the MFBA.  The result is a thorough examination of Americans who seek emergency food assistance, including the most comprehensive look at hunger in Missouri.

MO Hunger Study key findings

Food Resource and Action Council — Profile of Hunger, Poverty, and Federal Nutrition Programs


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